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"Did I play my part well in this theater called "life"? "

"Did I play my part well in this theater called "life"? Then give me an applaus" - People applauded. These were the last words by the famous first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar who did more great things than anyone could hardly dream of.

What if life itself is just a theater or a movie, and our human incarnations are just roles and our soul is the actor?

Surely I don't know if this is truly the case, but it appeals plausible to me.

What I can tell for sure is that the number combinations within our birthday and in our names dictate what roles we're going to play in our human incarnations - if we're going to play the role of a happy person with ease and success or the opposite or something completely different from both mentioned scenarious.

Nevertheless if you're tired of your role that the "theater of life" forces you to play, the golden key to permanent change is the reprogramming of your aura-energy field which completely changes your mind set, what you attract, your health, strengths, weaknesses, sex life and simply EVERYTHING.

I've got the golden key to your life, so are you going to receive it and use it? Eventually you will. One day, our world will go through a mass ascension process in which our chaotic world will transform into a place of eternal, peace, love and ecstasy for all. At this time, there shall be no more suffering and despair. The golden key for this transformation is the Numerological name change for all humans on this planet.

So do you wanna wait, or do you wanna be the pioneer of the new dawn? The choice is all yours.

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