On a Numerological Intro Session with Grand Master Numerologist August Darius Danielsson, you'll get a full reading on the numbers of your full birthday (Higher and Highest Self) and the numbers of your name (Human Self). In this reading, August will tell ALL about YOU! 

For 45 minutes you will be told extremely thoroughly about your personality in ALL ASPECTS! This includes:

* Your self view

* Your love life

* Your personal values

* Your health (or diseases) 

* Your cashflow 

* Your sexual life 

* Your social life

And then August will tell you about the previous two years of your past. YOU can also choose any year you want, which August will tell you about. 

We guarantee that you will find that at least 90 % of what August tells you is accurate! Actually 100 % is accurate, but the last 10 % can depend on the presentation - use of words etc. 

We also guarantee that this experience will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! August will put words on some aspects of your personality that have always been a mystery to you. After this session, far more things in your life will start to make sense in a higher perspective!

If you find that all that August tells you is completely rubbish, the session is FREE!

The session can be held in English or Danish

Price for an intro session

€ 100 


$ 115


DKK 750,- 

When you book a NAME CHANGE SESSION, the fee of this session will be offset the price of the NAME CHANGE SESSION.

For booking: Call us on the phone on +45 22611931

or write us an email on

or follow the contact formula below


In this session, you'll get the full package! 

It goes in following five steps

1: Full personal reading (similar to what you get in the intro session, but MORE ADVANCED)

2: A full presentation of what the extremely positive and highest vibrating karma of your new name will do for you! Here you will experience that EVERYTHING August told you in the first step is at least 90 % accurate. This means that if your name would be something different, which August helps you to find, your life will be similar different - WITH WARRANTY!

3: A full presentation of what will exactly happen in your life the next five years into the future

4: Finding your new name. There will be NO COMPROMISE on quality! You'll get the very best name that is available to you. The full number combination will be the very best and mostly balanced, but also the vowels and consonants of every name will be perfect! Also the sum of all consonants and vowels in all names together. 

5: Follow up conversation. After 12 months, you will have a follow up conversation with August in which you can review what happened since the name change. 

To mention a few things that the Numerolocal Name Change will give you:

  • Perfect love life

  • Harmonious relations

  • Perfect self esteem and happiness

  • Social magnetism

  • Great cashflow and major financial wealth

  • Perfect health

  • Over all happiness and less bumps on the road in life

The session can be held in English or Danish. 

The duration of the NAME CHANGE SESSION is 2-3 hours on the phone/ Skype/ FB Messenger or personal attendance on our address in Andalucia, Spain.


€ 1202


$ 1400


DKK 8.996

For booking: Call us on the phone on +45 22611931

or write us an email on

or follow the contact formula below

Terms for warranty 

We give a full warranty that your life will be exactly as we dictate on the NAME CHANGE SESSION after at least three years after the new name has been implemented. If this doesn't happen, you can get a full refund for the session. In return you must change your name back into the name you had BEFORE you received the NAME CHANGE SESSION. If you use the warrenty and you receive the refund of the session, you are not allowed to take the name again or any other name that makes the same or similar number values as the name you got from the NAME CHANGE SESSION. If you use the warranty, and you get a full refund from the session and you change your name back into the name that you received from the NAME CHANGE SESSION you must repay the full fee for the NAME CHANGE SESSION. If you use the warranty and you receive the full refund for the NAME CHANGE SESSION, and you change your name back to your preceeding name before you received the NAME CHANGE SESSION, but later you rename yourself after the name from the NAME CHANGE SESSION, but you don't inform us, you must repay the full fee of the NAME CHANGE SESSION + a penalty fee at € 670 or $ 777 or DKK 5000,- 

We don't offer recording of the session. YOU are responsible for recording the session. This can be done easily on most smart phones. 


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