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Chaldean Numerology is an ancient science which originates back to the mighty and benevolent Achaemenid Persian Empire (850-330 BC) and the information is believed to derive from Extra Terrestrials who came for the upliftment of mankind. It's built on the fact that all in Cosmis is Vibration which vibrates with different frequencies and everything attracts its similar match.







The way it works is familiar to the way of mainstream Astrology. All numbers from 1-9 correspond with a planet or a Celestial Body within our Solar System. Every planet corresponds with at least one of the five elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire and the Soul) It goes like this:

0: Cosmos (the Soul)
1: The Sun (Fire and Water)
2: The Moon (Water and Air)

3: Jupiter (Fire and Earth)
4: Uranus (Air and Earth)
5: Mercury (Air and Fire)
6: Venus (Earth and Fire)

7: Neptune (Water and Air)
8: Saturn (Earth and Water)

9: Mars (Fire and Fire)

In mainstream Astrology you know that for example if you are a Capricorn, you vibrate with planet Saturn. It's the very same principle in Chaldean Numerology - that if you for example are born the 8th of the month, you are mainly ruled by planet Saturn which represent the very same personal aspects. 

Each planet or Celestial Body have a density and an orbit around the Sun. You might know the fact that the Moon controls the Tidal waves on our planet? It does so because of it's density which creates an Electro Magnetic field that controls the water. Fact is also that many people have a hard time sleeping during full moon because humans consist of more than 70 % of water within our body which is also controlled by this aspect.

The moon and this aspect is only top of the iceberg since the other planets and Celestial Bodies within our Solar System also have a major impact on who we are. This means that your full birth date, dictates your life purpose - also called the Higher Self and also the Highest Self. 

Then we also have a name which dictate our Human Self. Each letter in our Alphabet correspond with a number as well as seen below

For example if your name is Peter, then you add the numbers of each letter like this



This means that in this name we have the number 24 which correspond with the Moon from number 2 and then planet Uranus in the number 4, but then we add the two numbers together and get the number 6 which is the most dominant number in this constellation. The number 6 correspond with planet Venus. So the name Peter itself is planet Venus in association with the Moon and Uranus

If your Human Self is out of balance with your Higher and Highest Self (which is the case for about (98 % of most people in the world) you may have the experience that you are don't achieve the goals in life that your inner voice tells you. Many people therefore get midlife crises because their Higher and Higher Self tell them that they should be a different place in life than what they are because the vibrations of the Human Self contradict the Higher and the Highest Self. A Numerological name change from us will put this into balance or you can get a FULL REFUND! 

With a Numerological name change from us, you get:

  • Perfect love life

  • Harmonious relations

  • Perfect self esteem and happiness

  • Social magnetism

  • Great cashflow and major financial wealth

  • Perfect health

  • Over all happiness and less bumps on the road in life

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