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A Deeper Understanding of Cosmos

An advanced introduction into the principles of Chaldean / Persian Numerology and how they work with the Seven Principles of Hermes (Greek God)

Chaldean Numerology or Persian Numerology is the most ancient and most advanced branch of the science of numbers and their dictation of destiny. Many myths are attached to the ancient Chaldean Numerology and the most famous one is that it derived from the ancient Persian king, Achaemenes (705 BC). It was believed that he was taught this science by the Mesopotamien God, Enki himself who in ancient Babylonian and Mesopotamien Mythology is believed to be the creater of makind together with his cousin, Ishtar. King Achaemenes was the father of the Achaemenid Persian Empire and he was the great, great grandfather of the famous king, Cyrus The Great of Persia and all of his successers. It was also believed that the key to the greatness of these kings and their vast empire was their knowledge of understanding the numbers that creates our destiny and our past, present and future. They also knew how to reprogramme one’s destiny for the better. And these epic powers are what the ancient Chaldean Numerology possesses. Though there are many other branches of Numerology. The most famous other branch is the Pythagorean Numerology which was developed by the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras who was taught basic Numerology in Egypt (570 BC). He experimented with what he learned and so he developed his own system which was unlike the Chaldean or Persian system. The Chaldean Numerology has always been the most secretly kept branch of Numerology because of its great power to create – good or bad. It can be used to predict future events, and it can also be used to create the destiny of an infant, and it can also be used to reprogramme the destiny of an adult. Throughout the middle ages, people have feared that this knowledge to create or reprogramme destinies of people could fall into the wrong hands and be used negatively. For example it could be used to create a very sad destiny for people if deliberately badly used. Therefore the Chaldean Numerology and Numerology has been forbidden in many countries during the middle ages. These countries were France, Spain and Germany to mention a few.

Chaldean Numerology is based on the seven principles of Hermes (Greek God of science, communication and wisdom) . These are:

1: All is mind

Everything in Cosmos has a soul and a mind and everything has a consciousness. For example, a company has a mind, ideals, goals and desires like anything else in Cosmos. When a company is bankrupt, it’s the same as when a person dies. All material things like a car also have a soul, a consciousness and so do all in Cosmos. Even a stone has a soul and with the knowledge of Chaldean Numerology, one can read the soul on a deep level and understand all its aspects (personality, fears, strengths, weaknesses, desires, love life, health and so on). With the knowledge of Chaldean Numerology, one can read the exact way that an individual of any kind may think and from thoughts creation occurs. All creation comes from mind and the mind is programmed in numbers and it can be reprogrammed any way one may desire. One can’t change the basic ways of thinking without reprogramming the numbers of our name (Human Self).

2: The Principle of Correspondence (everything attracts its equal)

Everything in Cosmos attracts its equal. People who are smart attract smart people and the same way with the opposite. We attract what is a match to us and our way of thinking. From our way of thinking, we create our reality and into that reality comes a reflection of our consciousness which manifests as people, events of any kind and materialism. People who are sad attract events that make them even more sad and people who are happy, attract events that make them even more happy and so it goes on in all layers of Cosmos.

3: The Principle of Vibration

Like Albert Einstein said “Everything is Vibration and everything vibrates with different frequencies”, and so it goes on if the vibration is low, the entity attracts other entities with the same or a similar frequency. One cannot attract entities that are not a match to their vibration. From the perspective of Chaldean Numerology, our vibration is dictated from the numbers of our birthday that dictate our life purpose and their correspondence with the numbers of our name that creates our life path. As humans vibrate, so does everything in Cosmos. The Moon has a vibration which controls the Tidal waves of the Earth. The vibration of the Moon affect the vibration of other entities such as water and also humans as we consist of 70 % water within our body. Therefore many people can hardly sleep during full moon. The Moon is just the top of the ice berg since the other planets and the Sun within our Solar System also holds a vibration that affects us. From the perspective of Chaldean Numerology, each planet and Celestial body within our Solar System correspond with a number from 1-9 and so for example if you are born 9 January 1989, you are represented by following vibrations: Number 9 corresponds with planet Mars which means that you vibrate with the mind and vibration of planet Mars. You are born in January which is the first month, and so you are represented by the number 1 which means that in your month vibration you vibrate with the power of the Sun, which means that you have the mind and vibration of the Sun. As you are born in 1989, we add the numbers so it goes 1+9+8+9=27. In the number 27, we have the two numbers: 2 and 7 which represents the Moon and Neptune. Added together it makes the number 9 which ones again corresponds with planet Mars. So here we have the Moon, Neptune and Mars together. When all these numbers 9+1+27 are added together, we get the number 37 which means that this person vibrates with the number of 37 which is the vibration of Jupiter, Neptune and finally the Sun as 3+7=10 and so 1+0=1. Number 0 represents the entire Cosmos and the divine Eternity.

4: The Principle of Polarity

The Principle of Polarity means that everything has two sides. Good and bad. Love and hate. Justice and injustice. Day and night. Smart and stupid and so it goes on. In fact all these aspects are one of the very same thing. As if you’re stupid, the vibration is unbalanced. If you’re smart, the vibration is balanced, but basically the main vibration is the same. The main vibration is intelligence. The other surrounding vibrations dictate the outcome. All aspects one can represent has a number from 1-9. For example the aspect of justice, loyalty and honesty is represented by the number 9 and thereby planet Mars. If one is born the 9th of the month, but one has names that strongly work against justice, then one will suffer great injustice and betrayel from others instead of honesty, justice and loyalty as one’s life purpose dictate. If one has names that thward one’s life purpose, then one will face great hardship and be living with the feeling that one is not living out his or her true life purpose. Therefore life may seem senseless. A frequent outcome for this is mid life crises which occurs when people feel in their Higher Self that they should be a different place in life than where they are simply because their Human Self (vibration of names) keep holding them back from their heart’s desire. With the Chaldean Numerology, we can read these aspects in anything (people, companies, animals and everything we know of).

5: The Principle of Rhythm

Everything that goes up, must come down. Life has ups and downs and that can never be prevented. However in the terms of Chaldean Numerology, if the vibrations between the Higher Self and the Human Self are balanced, the ups and downs may be far less dramatic and so one will also land on a soft pillow of Karmic protection once the down periods come. When the vibrations between the Higher Self and the Human Self are strongly unbalanced, the ups may not be very powerful and the lows will be extremely rough. The level of stability depends of the balance in one’s own vibrations and how they may provide Karmic protection. Nevertheless, summer always turns into winter, but winter turns into spring, and then summer again. However if one is balanced in his or her vibrations, one may be better dressed for the winter.

6: The Principle of Cause and Effect / Law of Karma

Every cause has its effect. If you do something, there is always a consequence. If you do nothing, there is a consequence as well. If you harm someone, he or she will harm you back one way or another, or something else will punish you. If you do good deeds to people, it will be rewarded by positive karma which could mean that they return your kindness or something else does. Though we may life a whole life and only doing good deeds, but still getting punished, one may have a big bag full of negative karma from past lives that must be paid off. However from the aspect of Chaldean Numerology, with a proper Numerological name change, the negative karma can be erased and so it will be replaced with only positive karma. Nevertheless after the name change, there will be a Karmic transformation process in which ALL negative karma is being cleansed rapidly and so one will suffer greatly the first two years, but one will still have full protection and therefore inevitably survive. With the Karmic reprogramming, one will only think good thoughts, speak good words and do good deeds. One will master the school of Karma.

7: The Principle of Gender

Gender goes far beyond the terms of man and woman. A man can be very feminine and a woman can be masculine as well. Femininity is about receiving and being and masculinity is about doing and giving. The number of masculinity is the number 9 which correspond with planet Mars. Its personality is about getting things done, working hard and fighting for what one has dear. The number 6, which correspond with planet Venus is the representation of feminity. This number is about seduction, receiving, charisma, beauty and mesmerizing. If the number 9 is alone without the presence of the number 6, one may work extremely hard without getting any reward. If the number 6 is present without any representation of the number 9, one may be stubborn, slow, sociopathic and getting nothing done and therefore there will be no reward either. All reproduction comes from the combination of masculine and feminine. And also from a higher perspective, situations in life are “born” from the combinations of masculine and feminine energy”. Thereby also success in life. Fertility must be present to create one’s life, or one may be stuck or work hard with no result.

Portration of the Greek God Hermes

Above appears a modern portration of the ancient Greek God Hermes - God of communication and wisdom.

How to calculate the numbers from your name and birthday

Your birth date and your names dictate your life purpose and karma. Good and bad. Each number correspond with a planet or Celestial Body within our Solar System. Here you can read thoroughly about each number. Here you'll find a complete list with a full description of the meaning of all numbers from 1-55. With this guide, you will be able to understand the karma in your birthday, and also the karma in your names. To calculate the numbers of your name, you must follow the Chaldean Table below. You can calculate the numbers of each of your names and after you have done that, you must add the final sums of all numbers together. This number you here get is called the “life theme number” which is very dominant in describing your life and personality.

Try our FREE Chaldean Numerology calculator here

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