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Humans don't come from Earth!

Humans don't come from Earth! We derive from the great Gods of the Anunnaki - also known as the Mesopotamian Gods who came to this Earth from their home world, Nibiru - a planet on the edge of destruction.

So it goes according to the lost tablets of the Prime Creator, Enki - Head of the Gods, which dates back to 4,500 BC and found in the ancient city of Babylon, Persia.

Enki tells that half a million years ago, the planet of the Gods, Nibiru suffered from extreme volcanic eruptions that caused a major hole in their atmosphere which resulted in mass death of the Nibiruians. Lots of attempt to repair their atmosphere failed. A revolution took place and a revolutionary named Alalu (he who is also known as the God, Chronos in Greek Mythology) stapped the king and declared himself king of Nibiru. His leadership was instantly challenged by his brother Anu (he who is also known as Ouranos in Greek Mythology). They had to settle their disagreement by a naked hand to hand battle and so Anu won and anu became king of the chaotic world of Nibiru.

Alalu fled in disgrace in a space ship and so he discovered our planet Earth. There he saw that water and sunlight is abundant. He also saw that gold at this time was abundant as well. He knew that gold could perform the task of repairing the ozone of planet Nibiru. If enough gold was mined from the Earth and used for repairing the ozone layer of planet Nibiru, he knew that the home planet of the Gods would be safe. So Alalu called home to Nibiru and told them of his discovery. He hoped this would bring him the honor to gain redemption and erase the shame brought upon him by his failed attempt to take power of planet Nibiru.

Soon a delegation of Gods came to planet Earth which the Gods called Ki. They called themselves Anunnaki, which means "Those from Heaven to Earth came". They started to build themselves a home on planet Earth. At this time, Humans didn't exist at all. The Gods who arrived were amongst others the god Ea Enki (he who is also known as Poseidon in Greek Mythology - god of the Sea), his son Marduk (known as Zeus in Greek Mythology and known as Thor in Norse Mythology) and Ishtar (known as Aphrodite in Greek Mythology and known as Freja in Norse Mythology - Goddess of love and fertility). They settled and made themselves a home.

They started the task of mining gold from the Earth and it proved to be extremely successful to restore the atmosphere on planet Nibiru. The Gods worked extremely hard and to honor their task, the king of the Gods, Anu came to visit the Anunnaki. Unfortunately king Anu brought a very unpleasent surprise with him. He brought Enki's malevolent younger half brother and declared that Enki and Enlil should now be co rulers. Enki objected his decision as Enlil is the younger brother and the tradition dictatates that the oldest brother must be in charge, but Enlil declined Enki by stating that he was son of the queen and that Enki was just the son of a simple concubine.

So to make the tense situation even worse, Alalu came to the gathering and demanded a rematch with his brother, king Anu. A rematch he got and yet again he was defeated by Anu. He refused to concede defeat and as surprise he bit off Anu's testicles (this same myth is in Greek Mythology in which the God, Chronos cuts of the testicles of king Ouranos). However Alalu got poisoned by Anu's testicles and so he became terminally sick. When he died, he was burried on planet Mars which is now the face on Mars as seen on the photo below

Face on Mars - burial chamber of Alalu

So Enki and Enlil were in charge of the Earth.

The Gods worked hard day and night to mine gold from the Earth to repair the atmosphere of planet Nibiru. It took lots of gold and it was an extremely long term task, but the mission had to go on for the sake of the people of Nibiru.

Eventually the young Gods who were responsible for mining gold on the Earth started to rebel as the labor was extremely hard. Enki had to act fast and he came up with the idea that he could create labor force that could do the job for the Gods, but who were not that intelligent so they would be happy to do the job for the Gods and so that the Gods could relax. The idea was to mate the Gods with the Earth apes and the offspring would be slaves to the Gods. Enki didn't like the idea of slavery, but he saw no other option to save his home planet than to follow this idea.

His idea was presented to the high council of planet Nibiru who accepted his idea and so it was put into action. In a laboratory the Gods combined their DNA with the DNA of Earth apes. Many failed attempts happened. In the end, they went so far, that the Goddess Ishtar had to become the mother of the first human ever born.

The first human was born. It was a boy they called Adamu which simply means "man". Still in modern Persian language a man is called "àdam" which comes from the same term. Ishtar loved her son deeply. Soon after, another goddess named Inana gave birth to a girl who was named Tiamat.

On the picture above is seen the ancient portration of creation of the first humans.

Most important there is one thing here one must notice! Why do the behavior of humans differentiate so much from animals? Why are humans vengeful and why are animals not? Have you ever seen groups of lions gathering in order to storm a human village because the humans have taken their lands? Have you ever heard of monkeys declaring war on humans? No you haven't. And the reason for this is that humans have DNA of the Anunnaki (the Gods) and therefore we have the same mentality of the Gods. In ancient Persia, Greece, Rome and Scandinavia during the Viking age, people also had duels to settle their disagreements just like the Gods did. This is simply who we are and we can never deny this part of ourselves. Everyone who try, will experience that they shut down part of themselves and so they feel empty inside. Simply we Humans on Earth derive from the Gods who created us, but that is not a bad thing. We can build a society on justice and when justice and order rules, there shall be no malevolence.

Malevolence was brought upon us by the God, Enlil. He hated humanity. On the contrary Enki cared for humanity. He cared so much for humans that he mated with humans females in order to upgrade the DNA of humans which is what made us more evolved and reduced our primate DNA. This made Enlil furious. The new humans developed well and Enki wanted them to be free and grow. Enki wanted humans to over time to become equal with the Gods.

Enki and Enlil had many fighths about this topic. Enlil wanted the humans to be slaves forever and Enlil believed that humans are unholy and should just be abused as he desired.

As the humans evolved, they became extremely developled. They built ancient civilisations such as Babylon, Egypt and some also say the Mythological city of Atlantis. The well being of the humans provoked Enlil so much that he spread propaganda among the other Gods that humans were bad and that they were a threat. He spread fear that one day Humans would rebel and kill all the Gods. In the end he succeeded in convincing the High Council of Nibiru to wipe out the entire humanity by a great flood in which no one should survive. It was also declared that no one was allowed to inform the humans about this upcoming event.

Enki got angry and he felt that he was outsmarted by Enlil. So Enki and his son Marduk instructed a group of humans to build a ship for themselves and their family to sail on during the flood. Enki and Marduk captured DNA of all Earth plants and animals and they stored all the DNA in a coffin and the captain of the ship, Utnapishtim was responsible to keep this coffin safe.

So it happened. The great flood took place and after the event, Enki and Ishtar mourned the tragic death of all humans as the dead bodies flushed away by the water.

Enlil got furious that Enki let some humans survive and they were allowed to live as Enki and Marduk protected them from Enlil's killing attempts.

So starting over was hard for all. New humans civilisations began and Enki and Marduk started to supervise the Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and many civilisations around the world how to live in harmony. This led to the great civilisations we know from our history. The Pyramids, Persepolis, Easter Island statues, Machu Pichu and all pyramids around the world were built by the Gods together with the humans in order to balance the magnetic field of the Earth.

Marduk was in Egypt known as their beloved god, Amun and his son Nabu got known as Thoth in Egypt and in Greece he was known as Hermes - the God of wisdom. In the North, he was known as Odin. Enki's cousin Ashur got known as Ares in Greek Mythology - the God of war and justice. In Zoroastrianism, he was known as Ahura Mazda - the God of good and the god of Fire.

Once again Human civilisations were advancing and once again the great city of Babylon became a beautiful place and so it happened to the entire Middle East, and basically most of the world. Also at this time, planet Nibiru was prospering so there were no further need for mining gold from the Earth and therefore the Humans of the Earth could be entirely free.

Marduk taught advanced technology and civilisation to many peoples. He supervised the Babylonians to build the Tower of Babel.

Enlil saw this and he got so furious that humans who he believed should simply be obedient slaves to the Gods were doing so well so he decided to attack the city of Babylon with weapons of mass destruction which were similar to modern day nuclear weapons. These weapons had been forbidden among the Gods for millions of years, but Enlil did it anyway.

Babylon got destroyed totally and the air was toxic for several decades. Enki went to confront Enlil and Enlil finally realized that he went too far. Enlil's own land also got poisoned by this destruction. This event is also mentioned in religious books, however the story is strongly twisted.

Enki went to confront his half brother, Enlil and finally Enlil realized that he went too far this time. During this time, Enki wrote "The Lost Book of Enki" from which this story is strictly based. To know more about the Lost Book of Enki, you can read it here:

After this event, Enlil's bad conscious didn't last long, and yet again he made a new effort to try to take control of the Earth Humans. He invented the idea of a one-god concept known as the God of Abraham who was in fact himself playing this role. He started to paint a picture of his brother Enki as an evil lord. Lucifer was a name of Enki. Lucifer in ancient Akkadic language (very ancient Persian) means "the bringer of light", and so Enlil started to call Enki "Satan" which was a concept of pure evil put upon his benevolent brother.

In Greek Mythology, the God Poseidon who is the Greek version of the God Enki was portrayed with a trident in his hand as we see it here

In Enlil's religion with himself playing the benevolent God, he tells the story with a great deal of misinformation. Therefore all religions that worship the god of Abraham are full of misinformation and they are made to control humans as slaves which.

Here we see a portration of the Christian Satan-character ALSO holding a trident just like Poseidon/ Enki did

As we see here, Enlil's portration of his brother is full of distortion. Simply Enlil is a master of manipulation.

Fact is that the world was a far better place before the arrival of Abrahamic religions. Enlil says that it's a unholy to worship other gods than HIM. In ancient Pagan Mythologies people simply believed that all Gods were real and that they ruled over different places. There were no religious wars before the arrival of Abrahamic religions which truly are the root to most evil in the world.

Enki didn't want Humans to worship anyone. He wanted humans to develop to become equal with the Gods.

Therefore he gave the Tablets of Destiny to the Persian king, Achaemenes about 650 BC in which the ancient arts of ancient Numerology was described which was the true way to reprogramme the vibration of all humans to vibrate with their highest frequency in order to tune into the divine vibration.

So do you worship this God who only wanted death and destruction for mankind? Or do you choose not to worship any God and instead become a God yourself? The choice is yours.

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