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How to be GREAT!

A definition of what it means to be GREAT and guide line how YOU can be GREAT!

I made a guideline of what it means to be GREAT which reveals how YOU can be GREAT!

We often consider greatness with great Historical figures of ancient time such as some Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman Emperors, Vikings, Persian kings and so on. But what really made these people great? And can regular people also be great? Of course we can.

So first, we must consider what makes a person great. Here are the 10 guidelines what I believe makes a person great. See if you agree.

1: Thinking good thoughts, speaking good words and doing good deeds 2: Honesty - always speaking his or her mind no matter what - Speaking what one belief is the TRUTH

3: Standing up for what is right - saying no to injustice done to him or herself and also standing up for others who are unfairly treated

4: Keeping a promise - a deal is a deal - always!

5 Speaking Universal wisdom

6: Being loyal. Always has his or her friend's back

7: Finding a balanced way to help people, but without falling into the claws of energy vampires

8: Being open to opposing opinions

9: If you owe money to other people, you must always pay. You should never run from the bill

10: If you hurt a person's feelings unfairly, you must admit your mistake and appologize it.

So what do you think? Are you a great person or do you know anyone who is?

If you a born a date, month or year that makes the final sum of 3, 6 and 9, it's your destiny to be great! If you are represented by the numbers 11, 29, 38 og 47 in your full birthday or in your name, then it's very hard for you to be great. Simply you suffer from great fear and so you suffer from other people's opinion about you.

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