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And 13, 22, 31, 40 and 49

(born 4, 13, 22, 31 of the month, or born in April or born in a year in which the Sum is something with 4 as the final sum - such as 1993 - 1+9+9+3=22 and then 2+2=4)


Number 4 is ruled by planet Uranus and correspond with the elements of air and secondly Earth. The air represents the desire for freedom, new ideas, but also the attitude of often changing one's mind as the wind often changes direction. The Earth element represents the implementation of the new ideas and turning them into results. The number 4 is the minor destiny number which means that the number 4 is a number for change that lasts typically four years into the future and thereafter it's likely to be changed again so it's up to date. 

Below appears in ancient symbol of planet Uranus





Innovative - Inventor - Pioneer - First mover on new ideas - Reformer - Genius - Dares to challenge those in power - Good with technology - Sees opportunities i every situation - Does the unexpected - Taking his / her competitors with their pants down (master at surprise attacks)


Contrarian - Weirdo - Changes his/ her mind too often - Traitor - Unreliable - Can't be trusted - The black sheep - Different only to be different - Autism / Asbergers disease / OCD - Confused about left and right - Faces great hardship (Karmic penalty) - Many problems with autorities

Life purpose: Being a reformer and changing the world into a better place through the advancement of technology, new ideas, science and questioning dogma. If tradition and dogma doesn't have a rational purpose, it must be changed. 

Natural force

Death and reincarnation is the natural force of the number 4. In metaphorical sense, it means that one removes something that is there and replacing it with something new in order to reform and create change. Death is not the end, but a change into something different that creates change. As when somebody dies, he or she crosses into the afterlife and perhaps later will return in a new body in another era of time.

Chaos is another natural force associated with the number 4. As when the number 4 is extremely unbalanced, things come out of control and turns into a chaos that breaks down everything. From the ashes of chaos, death and destruction, a new era will begin as which is also an aspect of the number 4.


Aquarius is the Zodiac-sign that corresponds with the number 4 and thereby planet Uranus. 

Advanced description of the single number 4

People represented by the number 4 are those who want to make change. They are born with a great talent of thinking outside the box and knowing how to do things differently. However when people are represented by the number 4 in an unbalanced way, they get a lot of new ideas, but they don't know which ideas to focus on and how to turn it into a business plan. Therefore confusion and stress is keeping them from success. They are natural rebels because they want to think of new ways to improve the system in all aspects. Therefore they despice dogma and tradition if it doesn't have a rational purpose. They are focused on rationalism and science. Therefore as the number 4 is associated with new ideas, innovation and the ability to thinking outside the box, it's also a number of experimenting in the process of learning. 

People who are represented by the number 4 learn best when they try things to see how they work. Therefore they like to test things to track a record of data in a scientific way. As they test many things, they can develop a great intellectual knowledge. However when the number 4 is unbalanced, person represented by it, can be extremely stupid. Simply because they are so confused and in their intellectual way of thinking, there is a lot of noise on the line. Therefore if the number 11/2 is associated with the number 4, they are likely to be extremely confused simply because they overthink the new ideas and it causes them great stress. 

Health problems

People who are represented by the number 4 in an unbalanced way, often suffer from Autism, OCD, Asbergers and are likely to develop dementia and alzheimer's disease at an old age. This is because the number 4 is about all that is different. Therefore they think differently, but in a toxic way. Such as counting tiles on the sidewalk, being confused about left and right and being extremely sensitive of how inventories in his or her home must be located (for example the palm trees MUST be located one specific way - otherwise it's a disaster). These mental health problems also make them extremely sensitive to their surrounding circumstances. Such as their mind simply can't function properly if things are not in a particular way. From this aspect, they are often square in their mindset which often becomes a great frustration to others. Simply they lack the ability of flexibility. They are extremely querulous about order and structure. When the number 4 is unbalanced, they can get a nervous breakdown when perfect order around them is absent. Therefore they care hysterically about some things that other people see as little importance.

Being different

People represented by the number 4 are born different and simply they can never fit in and be like anyone else. When the number 4 is unbalanced, they become the black sheep and suffer from loneliness because no one understand them. Therefore some of these people tend to become criminal in order to join for example a gang with outer outcasts like themselves.

Those who are represented by the number 4 are often anti-mainstream. They prefer to go with an idea, a concept that is unique and something that the majority don't follow. This could be in music, fashion or anything you might think of. If this trend becomes mainstream, they are likely to abondon their interest in their concept because it's no longer unique. 


As people represented by the number 4 like to be unique, they also like to have a unique and different opinion than the others. Simply it's important for them to stand out from the crowd. Therefore they are likely to be contrary any opinion you might have. As an example: If you are outside in open air with a person represented by the number 4 and it rains a lot. So if you complain about the rain, the person represented by the number 4 may disagree with you and he or she will express his or her happiness to the rain. Simply they like to disagree and therefore they are often hated, but if the number 4 is balanced, they can use this ability to have some original and unique opinions that will inspire people and make them popular. 


Hating authorities

People who are represented by the number 4 have a great hate to authorities and to those who try to be dominant to them. Therefore it's very hard for them to have a 9 to 5 job as they will often have problems with their boss. 

They will have problems with their boss because they don't respect the authority of the boss and they want the freedom to think differently and to do things differently in a smarter way. Often those who hold authority are most often conservative security addicts and routine people. They strongly dislike change because this will take them out of their comfort zone. Therefore tentions often rises. As the number 4 corresponds with the element of air, it means that no one can really control them as you can't control the wind. 

Turning difference into a strength

When the number 4 is balaned, the holder of the number understands how he or she can turn his differences into a strength. For example if they invent an extremely revolutionary idea, they can turn it into business and get wealthy. Or they could have new ideas that could be brilliant and inspire others. So there are many ways that the number 4 can revolutionize when it's balanced.


You've probably heard the saying "He changes his like mind like the wind blows". So it goes with people who are represented by the number 4 in an unbalanced way. They turn on a dime. And therefore people who are represented by the number 4 in an unbalanced way are hated by many. Simply because they can't be trusted and they are likely to betray other people. A word is not always a word to a person represented by the number 4 in an unbalanced way. Integrity and honesty is not part of the spectrum of the number 4. If a person represented by the number 4 possess honor and integrity, then it comes from other numbers in their birthday or full name, but not from the number 4 itself.  

Desire for freedom

So why do people represented by the number 4 hate authorities so much? Simply because they want a total freedom. They want to have the freedom to things they way they want and so they strongly dislike people who tell them that they can't. For the same reason they are also rule breakers and in some cases they won't follow a rule if it doesn't make sense to them and if they can get away with breaking it without getting cought. 

Age of Aquarius 

Since 21 December 2012, the Earth passed into the new age of Aquarius which is an Astrological era ruled by planet Uranus. Since this happened, we have seen a lot of major changes in the world. These are many Political revolutions that we see many places of the world. Such as in the Middle East, but also partially in the United States where they elected a president (Donald Trump) who represented revolution against the establishment. This new era is about breaking down systems in order to build new ones. As mentioned in the chapter of "Natural force", it's mentioned that the number 4 also stands for chaos. As from chaos, the systems are broken down so that new one can arise from the ashes. 

Since the new age of Aquarius, we have also seen a great deal of advancement in technology. Technology is the way that the people can see through the schemes of the Political leaders. As an example, tyrannic dictators have a harder time these days as people can record with their smart phones if civil people is beaten in the streats and so it can be posted on the social media and spread far and wide. Therefore it gives a great threat to those in power who misuse their authority. 

In other parts of revolution, we also see an advencement in the development of electric cars which can over time take down the entire oil industry and make a new world order. 

Number 4 in Greek Mythology

Ouranos which in Greek Mythology means "Father Sky" was the God who corresponds with the planet Uranus and the number 4. He was the son of the Universal God, Chaos who created the entire Universe and Gaia (Mother Earth). Ouranos was one of the very first Gods to walk this Earth. 


When Ouranos was born, the world was one big mess of chaos, disorder and wars that broke the world down. There were countless natural disasters and people of the world were extremely savage. As Ouranos grew up, the young God taught civilisation to the people of the Earth and so he learned them to live in peace. He gave them technology to cultivate the land and he taught them how to make a living. Quickly the world became an organized and civil place where most people had what they needed to live and so there was peace.


Gaia (mother Earth) fell in love with Ouranos (her brother) and so they became lovers. 


They had many children, but Ouranos was not the best father one could be. In fact he was a terrible father. He hated his own children. As Ouranos and Gaia were siblings, so it appeared that some of their children looked funny. Some of their children were the Cyclopes who had just one eye in the middle of their forehead. Ouranos wanted to kill them, but this was impossible becausse they were immortal. Instead he tortured them badly. This however made Gaia (Mother Earth) very sad and agry at the same time. She begged him to stop, but he refused and Ouranos was too powerful for her to stop him. 


So Gaia (Mother Earth) summoned all her children and begged them to rebel against their father. Her youngest son Kronos (represented by the number 8 and planet Saturn) happily signed up for the most important part: To cut his testicles while he Ouranos was asleep. He took the toughest task to prove that just because he was the youngest, he could still be brave. His brothers Hyperion (father of the Sun) and four others also joined the rebellion. Though his brother Oceanus and all his sisters were too afraid to join the rebellion, it was carried out anyway. 


Ouranos had no idea of their plans, and so Gaia lured him down to Earth where his divine powers would be ascent and he would be humanlike. So Gaia's children attacked Ouranos and kept him to the floor while Kronos cut off his testicles and thereby removed his manhood and his powers. Ouranos became like a vegetable and he could no longer be king. So Kronos became the new king and then a new era began. 







To show the disgrace to Oceanus, the god of the Sea, Kronos threw Ouranos' testicles into the ocean at the shore of Cyprus. As the testicles touched the water, the Goddess Aphrodite was created from the sperm of Ouranos' testicles. 


Symbolism of this myth

As the story tells us of this great confrontation between the Gods Ouranos and Kronos, it shows us the conflict between the numbers 4 and 8 which are both destiny numbers. The minor and the major destiny number. When they clash, it can become extremely dangerous as this myth shows us. Though we also see that the aftermath of this clash brings us a totally new beginning as both of these numbers mean destiny. Kronos becomes king and the Goddess of love, Aphrodite was created. When one is represented by both of these numbers and they stand close together in the Numeroscope, it's called "Karmic penalty" which means that one will suffer epic hardship as we see in the fight between Ouranos and Kronos. Though we also see that from the ashes of the inner battles, new beginnings emerge.


Another interesting symbolism of this myth is that Ouranos derives from the Universal god Chaos who is his mother and father. Chaos and destruction is also an aspect of the number 4. 

Shadow number

The number 1 is the shadow number of the single number 4. The difference between these two numbers is that the number 4 is strictly focused on innovation and always focusing on being unique by thinking new ways. Another difference is that the number 4 also correspond with health problems such as Autism, Asperger's syndrome. Both number 1 and 4 hate regulations and authorities. People represented by the number 4 are more radical in this manner. They hate everything with a uniform. People represented by the number 1 are generally quite selfy and opportunists, but people represented by the number 4 are likely to betray others because they change their mind like the wind blows. 

Conflict between number 4 and 8

As both 4 and 8 are Karmic numbers which both represent Destiny and major change, the power in both of these numbers are so powerful, that they can't be under the same roof. The number 4 (Minor Destiny Number) represents death and reincarnation which means that something is being removed so new ideas that can revolutionize can be implemented. These new ideas can however be changed over time so they are fit for their time. These aspects are unlike the aspects of the number 8 which represents time and eternity. The changes that are implemented by the number 8 are timeless and made to last eternally. They come with a timeless expression that can fit into any era of history.  However the number 8 is also conservative and therefore the number hates change that is not ever lasting which is exactly what the number 4 stands for. These ideals of these two numbers strongly contradict one another and therefore if they are put together close to one another in a Numeroscope, it creates this thing called Karmic penalty. To understand this aspect better, you can read the myth of the Gods Ouranos and Kronos further above. 

Difference between 4, 13, 22, 31, 40 and 49

The number 4 is the pure representation of planet Uranus. In the compound numbers with the sum of 4, we have other planets associated with the number 4. As the number 4 is a destiny number, it's extremely easy to put out of control if it's associated badly with other numbers as it's very sensitive. The only fortunate compound number with the sum of 4 is the number 13, but even this number can be unfortunate i it's associated with other unfortunate numbers in one's numeroscope. All the rest compound numbers with the sum of 4 are unfortunate in different ways which is described below

13/4 (death / the inventor)


Great inventor - New ideas flow freely - Knows how to turn new inventions into a profitable business - Trumping rivals with unexpected tactics - First mover - Genius - Being original - Ahead of his/ her time - Knows how to use technology - Understands science - High IQ


Confused - Uneasy - Frequent change of mind - Unstable - The black sheep - Misunderstood - Doesn't know what he/ she wants - Being deceived by others - Asbergers, OCD, Autism etc. - Bad at technology - Appears unintelligent - Low IQ

According to the tablets from ancient Persia, the number 13 was described with these words:

"This is a number indicating change of plans, place and such-like and is not unfortunate, as is generally supposed. In some of the an­cient writings it is said, "He who understands the number 13 will be given power and dominion". It is symbolized by the picture of a "Skeleton" of "Death," with a scythe reaping down men, in a field of new-grown grass where young faces and heads appear crop­ping up on every side. It is a number of upheaval and destruction. It is a symbol of "Power" which if wrongly used will wreak destruction upon oneself."

With other words, the number 13 is a number for getting new ideas as the sum number of 4 dictates, but in association with the number 3 one has the proper knowledge to make a plan, choose what idea to work on and then implement it into a business that can make profit. From the power of the number 1, which is also the shadow number for the number 4, it provides a great deal of winner's attitude, so one will believe in his or her new ideas and having faith in victory and success. 

From an unbalaned perspective, one can hardly choose which ideas to go with. Therefore confusion and stress will keep one from success. Like the single number 4, the number 13 also causes the same health problems such as typically Asbergers syndrome, OCD, Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer's disease and so it goes on. It's also a number for photographic memory for some people. Though the number 13 can provide such skills, it can also cause anti social behavior as in the spectrum of Autism. 

When the number 13 is unbalanced, one may also suffer from many longings in life and the feeling that the grass may be greener at the other side of the fence. Therefore one may have the feeling that when a dream has come true, one wants something else quickly after. Just like getting the dream job. It may only be the dream period for 3-4 months and then one desires something different. This type of behavior is also the case in relationships. If one who is represented by the number 13 in an unbalaned way gets his or her dream partner, the person is only the dream partner for a short period, and then one desires to try other lovers. Therefore one is likely to be unfaithful to his or her partner if the relationship is Monogamic. Here comes another aspect of deception and betrayel as which is in the spectrum of the number 4. 

From a sexual perspective, as one likes to have many lovers, the drive for this is that one likes to experiment different types of people. For example, they want to try an older person, a younger person, a black person, an Asian person and so on, just so they can cross it on the list for something they have tried. As their desire for freedom is vast, they are easily tempted when the number 13 is unbalaned

Experimenting to learn

This is the main essence of this number. As the number 4 is about the desire to experiment, the combination with the number 3, creates the outcome that one knows what he or she is doing when one does experimentation. The number 3 is a bout academical knowledge and skills. Then when it's combined with the innovative number 4, one knows how to choose a direction for the innovative thinking so that there will be a clear direction. 

Though it's important to understand that despite this, the number 13 is one of the most deceptive numbers which can be very hard to control. Even from a balaned perspective. In the ancient writings, it was described that if he or she who is represented by the number 13 used it in an evil way, it may cause one's own downfall. This is simply because the number 13 is not a number of loyalty. Not even to the holder him or herself. So one can say, if the number changes its mind on you, it will cause your own failure. Unlike the number 23 which has your back unconditionally, the same thing cannot be expected from the number 13. 

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