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NUMBER 3 (and 12, 21, 30 and 39)

(born 3, 12, 21 or 30th of the month, or born in March or December or born in a year in which the Sum is something with 3 as the final sum - such as 1992 - 1+9+9+2=21 and then 2+1=3)

The number 3 is the first number of the "Heavenly Triad" represented by the numbers 3, 6 and 9. People who are represented by one of these three numbers as their birth date, birth month or birth year are the souls who have had the highest level of past life incarnations here on Earth. People who are represented by the number 3 are mature souls with a great deal of experience from typically 40-80 past life incarnations here on Earth. They are mature souls, but people represented by the number 9 are even older souls. 


Good strategist - Never gives up - Turns dreams into plans - Being structured - Perfectionist - Strong will - Always on the forefront - Patient - Enjoying the jurney to success - Making projects expand - Good sense of humor - Ambitious - Determined



Acting superior in knowledge - Stubborn - Lone wolf - Arrogant - All or nothing attitude - Judgemental - Black and white view upon life - Lots of hardship - Control freak - Problems in family - Rough childhood - Refuses to concede defeat when defeated

Natural force

Thunder and lightning is the natural force that corresponds with the number 3 and thereby planet Jupiter. That is so because a lightning bolt is aimed directly at its target and so are people represented by the number 3.

Ruling planet

Jupiter is the ruling planet of the number 3. It also corresponds with the Zodiac of Sagittarius

Advanced description of the number 3

The number 3 is the pendant to the number 1 which represent the feminine winner's attitude. The number 3 represents the masculine winner's attitude. In the ancient tarot cards from Persia, the number 1 is called "The Empress" and the number 3 is called "The Emperor". In comparison to people represented by the number 1, they are dreamers and they want everything to come to them with great ease so they can get the feeling of total freedom. They are lazy and they want other people to do the job. People represented by the number 3 like to work hard and to make things grow. They often appear as a one-man army who prefer to do everything themselves because they believe that if things are to be done properly, they need to do it themselves. Unlike the people represented by the number 1 who are dreamers with great ambitions, people represented by the number 3 are highly intellectual and pragmatic. They are determined and they make a detailed plan of how to reach their goals. They make an advanced step-by-step plan and they consider all scenarios. They are always on the forefront of all possible problems that could appear and therefore they are extremely strategic. 

There are two types of people in the world: 1: Those who just want the success and the journey getting there is just something that needs to be overcome


2: Those who enjoy the journey getting there. Those who say "The chase is better than the catch". 

People represented by the number 3 is the second type of person and people represented by the number 1 is the first type.

Because people represented by the number 3 are good at being on forefront of all problems, they are good at getting back up on the horse when they fail. They keep on going no matter how many punches they get into their faces. 

Just like people represented by the number 1 are perfectionists, people represented by number 3 are far more extreme in this matter. They are extremely stubborn perfectionist and often they have the "My way or the highway"- attitude. 

As people represented by the number 3 are mature souls, they are very picky about who they want to socialize with. It's like a student who goes to high school won't socialize with kids in first kindergarten. Simply the gap is too big. Therefore many people represented by the number 3 are lone wolves because only a few amount of people appeal to them. They prefer to have a small group of few people and to only spend time with people who have depth. Unlike people represented by the number 1, they just like to be popular and looked up to. People represented by the number 3 also want popularity, but that is with the intention to use the populary to take power and control of people. People represented by the number 3 like to have control and can also appear as control freaks like people represented by the other two numbers of the heavenly triad, 6 and 9. They also have the tendency of generalizing - like for example saying "all immigrants are criminal" and this kind of behavior. They also have a judgemental behavior. They care about ethics and rightful behavior.

People represented by the number 3 is the born entrepreneur. They are good at dealing with opstacles in life and keep making succesful plans. 

The Roman emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar was born on 12 July 100 BC and therefore his birth vibration was the number 12 and then 1+2=3 so he was represented by the number 3. In his character, we see the traits of number 3 strongly. It appeared that sometimes in battle he was outnumbered 3:1, and all his generals advised him to surrender, but he completely refused that. He said that he preferred to fall with honor rather than to surrender and appear weak. Despite his poor odds, he happened to win anyway. Here we see the "all or nothing" attitude which is very characteristic of the number 3. 

Number 3 in Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, the number 3 corresponds with the king of the Gods, Zeus. He who is the king of Heaven, Earth, Thunder, justice and war. Though there are other war Gods. Such as Ares, Hades and Athena. The style of warfare which the king of Gods, Zeus represent is strategic warfare with advanced planning and a warfare that outsmarts the enemy. Zeus despises his son Ares (corresponds with the number 9) who is the God of man to man combat and winning through brute strength. Zeus consider this type of warfare for being stupid and primitive. This represents the strategic and long term way of thinking by people represented by the number 3. Zeus is a God with a noble behavior which is also the case of people represented by the number 3. They care about being top of the society in order to lead people. 

Number 3 on the Tarot Card

Above appears the tarot card of the number 3. The name of the Tarot Card is "The Emperor". As one may notice, it's familiar with the Tarot Card of the number 1 which is called "The Empress". This symbolizes that the number 3 is the masculine ruler compared to the number 1 which is the feminine ruler. The Empress on the Tarot Card is the Greek God, Zeus. Unlike the Empress who wears comfortable dresses and is seated on a soft throne with Persian rug, the emperor wears an armor. This means that unlike the Empress, the emperor is ready for battle if necessary. He is seated on his throne on top of Mount Olympus which means that he has a great view and he can see if any danger appears in the horizon. If such happens, he will be prepared and ready to retaliate and win the battle with advanced strategic planning which he made in advance. This also symbolizes the overview that people represented by the number 3 possess.

In his left hands, he holds a golden globe, which represents his dominion over the entire world and the Universe. Thereby the strive for international success. In his right hand, he holds his royal sceptre which symbolizes sovereign leadership

In the middle ground, we see a river running down the valley. This means that he sees his emotions from a rational point of view and that he keeps an overview upon his emotions. Unlike the Empress who has the river flowing on her left side, which means that she is controlled by them. The emperor and people represented by the number 3 is controlled by rationalism and reason rather than emotions and their emotions are seen from a perspective of rationalism. 

In the far background, we see that the sky is red. The color red is the color of the root chakra and the planet Mars. This means that it's a number of justice and standing firm in all aspects of life. It also means that one must be prepared for battle and fight for justice and for what is right. 

Difference between 3, 12/3, 21/3, 30/3, 39/3 and 48/3 

The single number 3 is the pure representation of planet Jupiter and all its aspects. The essence of the other numbers have the same expression, but still they have great differences as they number 3 in the other numbers is associated with different numbers - and thereby other planets, which can be good and bad. For example the number 48 is an extremely disastorous number as the two numbers 4 and 8 are the two destiny numbers. When they are put together this way, they create the aspect called "Karmic penalty" and this means that if one is represented by the number 48, one may experience the aspects of all aspects of the number 3, but with a dark shadow of great misfortune and disaster. A positive example is the number 21, in which the numbers 2 and 1 support the positive aspects of the number 3 and thereby they lift the power of the sum number 3. 

Shadow number

The number 3 has no shadow number, but it's part of the Heavenly Triad of the numbers 3, 6 and 9. The two numbers 3 and 6 represent mature souls who had many past life incarnations on Earth. This means that if one is born on a date, a month or a year that holds the final sum of 3 and 6, then one is here as a teacher. One may have had at at least 50-80 past life incarnations on Earth. Therefore one who is represented by the numbers 3, 6 and 9 may once in a while have the fealing of being soul tired. Simply, they have seen it all. 

12/3 (the victim)

The number 12 can never be properly balanced, but if it's supported by other surrounding positive and uplifting numbers, it can bring some positive aspects - However this number should never be in a name

Learning from mistakes - Highly intellectual mind - Rock 'n' roll personality - 



Achieving success and losing it all again - Losing because of others - Feeling powerless - Fear of losing - Not learning from mistakes - Overanalysing people and events - Feeling like a victim - Seeking a deeper meaning that is not there - Self destructive behavior (can be drug abuse, heavy addictions, or simply overdoing something in a such manner that it's unhealthy)

Advanced description of the number 12/3

In the ancient Persian tablets, the number 12 was described with these words:

"The symbolism of this number is suffering and anxiety of mind. It is also indicated as "the Sacrifice" or "the Victim" and generally foreshadows one being sacrificed for the plans or intrigues of others."

With other words, this is generally an unfortunate number and must be avoided as much as possible. Nevertheless is you're born the 12th of the month or if you're born in December (12th month of the year) or if you're born in 2019 (2+0+1+9=12) you can never get rid of it, but then you can balance the spectrum of this vibration with fortunate numbers in your Human Self (the numbers calculated from all your names and their co-relation with your full birthday - also called the Higher Self). 

The number 12 is about gaining success and progress and then losing it all again. The number 3 as described in the section of the single number 3 is about gaining and winning. The result of the number 3 created from 1 and 2  in this order (the Moon and the Sun) makes you lose your success after it has been gained. This means that people represented by the number 12 suffer great losses in life. Many ups and downs. 

As we know from the section of the single number 3, it's an intellectual number that makes a desire to learn in order to advance. It's also a number of taking responsibility when something goes wrong. Hereby one who is represented by the number 12 wants to take responsibility in the scenario of loss. Due to the fact that the number 3 is an intellectual number, then it's also a strongly analytical number. This means that in the losing scenario, the holder of the number 12 starts to analyze deeply to understand what went wrong. The problem is that often the loss is caused by other people that they don't have control over. Therefore they feel powerless. They want to take control, but they don't know how since the reason for loss has been out of their hands.

Therefor people represented by the number 12 are people who work with themselves in order to learn and avoid losses in the future. Therefore they read a lot of books, articles on the internet or listen to coaches or experts so they believe they can rise above the frustrations of losing and prevent them from happening in the future. The problem is that the losses don't stop occuring no matter how much knowledge the holder of the number 12 gains. 

Instead with the knowledge gained, they analyze and overanalyze everything that happens around them. Things that people say and do and so they make their own conclusions and simply believing there is a deeper negative meaning about what goes on around them. Because of their habit of overanalyzing everything around them, they become paranoid.

From being paranoid, the holder of the number 12 gets a great deal of mind racing and fears inside their mind which is irrational. From this, it's often hard for them to be inside their own body and therefore they develop a need for abusive behavior. This spectrum of abusive behavior is not only about drug abuse (though this is a possible habit of people represented by the number 12). It's also about for example eating too much unhealthy food, smoking too many cigarettes, watching too much TV, checking social media too often, biting nails and so on. It has anything to do with behavior that make one distract his or hear thoughts from worries. This behavior is familiar with that of the number 11, but compared to 11, the behavior of 12 is abuse and overdoing bad behavior in a way that is self destructive. Unlike the number 11, the bad habits are addictions, that are not abusive, but they are still bad and destructive for one self. 

Number 12/3 on the Tarot Card

On the Tarot Card for the number 12, we see a man hanged upon a tree. Humiliated. He is a victim. We see that he is tied by his foot and hanging in an extremely unforfortable position. This means that this is something that somebody else did to him. This represents the aspect of the number 12 in which one is the victim for other people. It means that one fails because of the mistakes done by other people. The feeling of being powerless because one wants to take responsibility, but it's impossible because the failure is not one's own fault. 

The aura around his head means that there is a lot of fear and destructive mind racing going on inside his head. It also means that we need to feel sorry for him because he is the victim. Just like Jesus on the cross. And this is not a good thing.  

As he hangs upside down, it also means that one turns other people's deeds and words upside down in one's mind and thereby misunderstanding it all. 

The purple color around the hanged man, represents the crown chakra which is the gateway to higher cosmic awareness. Because the man hangs upside down, it means that he misunderstands his intuition and higher guidance. 

21/3 (the total breakthrough or dying trying / Crown of the Magi)


Total break through - Unstoppable and ultimate success - Extremely smart - Always miles ahead of rivals - Good sense of humor - Strong charisma - Outsmarts rivals - Strategic genius - Great determination



Lot of lessons/ failures - Ongoing hope of the ultimaite success that keeps getting delayed - Lots of hardship - Stubborn - Lone wolf - Acting superior and arrogant - judgemental behavior

Advanced description of the number 21/3

In the ancient Persian tablets, the number 21 was described with these words:

"This number is symbolized by the picture of "the Universe", and it is also called "the Crown of the Magi". It is a number of ad­vancement, honors, elevation in life and general success. It means victory after long initiation and tests of determination. "

With other words, the number 21 is a number that holds the potential to huge success that is unstoppable. Never the less, the number 21 is not the only number for huge success. No matter how balaned the number 21 might be, one always needs to go through a learning process before the total break through appears. In the ancient Persian writings, the total success was metaphorically called "The Crown of the Magi". A Magi in ancient Persia was a spiritual master or Shaman who adviced the Great King and queen. They enjoyed great respect and prestige among the people. The three wise men in the story of Jesus were Persian Magis. 

Above appears a drawing of what ancient Persian magis may have looked like - as in the term of "Crown of the Magi". 

With the number 21, one must gain a great deal of knowledge and experience until the final break through appears. Therefore this learning process can be very tough. One may face great hardship and tests of life. It may feel like going through a long tunnel of learning until finally seeing the sun shining at the end of the tunnel. If the number 21 is unbalanced, the light at the end of the tunnel may seem eternally far away. One might feel countless times, that now finally one is at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel of learning keeps going on. Walking through this tunnel of learning requires great determination otherwise one will fail. The number 21 when it's balanved will give a great deal of determination. 

When the number 21 is unbalanced, the great success may come at an old age when one is almost dead. Before the success comes, one will face great struggle. When it's balaned, it may come much sooner and the learning process holds far less struggles than when it's unbalanced. 

Even when the number 21 is balanced, the success is long term, but when it finally comes, one is almost invincible. 

The aspects of the number 21 has a lot in common with the single number 3. The number 21 is also a number of great strategic planning and it's about having an overview and thinking rationally. Like the single number 3, the number 21 is also about seeing feelings and emotions from a higher perspective and instead focusing on intellectual analyzis. 

Like the single number 3, one who is represented by the number 21, is also likely to be stubborn and to have a "My way or the highway attitude". They also have a good sense of humor. 

If the number 21 is balanved and also associated with the communication number 5 or a number with the final sum of 5, one is a great speaker and the communication is intellectual and smart. 

Number 21/3 on the Tarot Card

On the tarot card for the number 21, we see the four Royal Stars of the Earth in each corner. In the lower left side, we see the bull which represents the Royal Star of the Bull (represented by the number 37) and in the lower right side, we see the lion which represents the Royal Star of the Lion (represented by the number 23). These two Royal Stars are in ancient Persian Mythology also associated with the two creater Gods Ishtar - Goddess of love and fertility (the Bull) and Enki, the protecter of Mankind and the Earth (the Lion). These two Gods were believed to have created the first two Humans out of clay from the river Euphrate. 

The man and the eagle represent the Royal Star of the Man (represented by number 51) and the Royal Star of Persia (number 56). The Royal star of the Man represents brutal masculinity and the warrior attitude of men or fierce women with the same behavior. It represents the force of military and power. The Eagle which is also called Seemorgh in the epic of Shahnahme and it represents the power of ancient Persia and the love of money, wealth and freedom for all peoples.


These Royal Stars of the Earth come out of the clouds which represent heavenly and divine power to create. 


The laurel wreath in the middle represent victory, triumph and glory. Just like we know it from the eternally victorious Gaius Julius Caesar of Rome who wore the laurel wreath on his head after every victory he made. The lauren wreath is tied with a red ribbon. The knot is made like the infinity symbol which represents eternal victory.  

The naked woman represents fertility. This also means fertility to give birth to a victory. The nakedness also represents honesty. As when one is naked, he or she can't hide anything. 

She holds sticks that point to the Universe and to the Earth. This symbolizes her ability to get spiritual guidance from the Cosmis and turning it into Earthy results and Earthly success. It also means that she gets the divine ideas, but staying Eartbund.

30/3 (the Philosopher)


Highly intellectual - A mind of a true philosopher - Sees  people, society and ideas from a higher perspective - Great educators - Good at theory - Great thinkers - Profound understanding of the Universe 


Retrospective and conservative mindset - Stubborn - Afraid of change - Anti social behavior - Dislike big gatherings of people - Feeling and acting mentally superior to others - Introvert

Advanced description of the number 30/3

"In the ancient Persian tablets, the number 21 was described with these words:

This is a number of thoughtful deduction, retrospection, and mental superiority over one's fellows, but as it seems to belong completely to the mental plane, the persons it represents, are likely to put all material things on one side — not because they have to, but because they wish to do so. For this reason it is neither for­tunate nor unfortunate, for either depends on the mental outlook of the person it represents. It can be all powerful, but it is just as often indifferent according to the will or desire of the person."

In the number 30, we have the power of planet Jupiter in the number 3 powered with the infinite source of widom from the entire Cosmos. The problem with this is that the number 3 and thereby planet Jupiter is all about the intellectual and mental plane and the entire Cosmos as in the number 0 vibrates with emotions, intuition and insights that can not always be described with human words. 

With the number 30, one will always try to put all insights from the entire Cosmos into boxes and human terms so it can be understood with a rational and intellectual mind. The problem is that when the number 30 is unbalanced, one is strongly consumed by dogma and limitting 3D thinking. One only believev what one can see, whey and touch. Therefore one is likely to misunderstand the divine insights from the infinite Cosmos. 

When the number 30 is unbalanced, one may have big problems with social gatherings and therefore one prefers to be alone to think his or her ideas alone. When the number 30 is unbalanced one only wants to socialize with intellectual people like themselves and they despise people who they consider as less intelligent. Therefore they may appear with an arrogant attitude and as if they felt better than those they believe are less intelligent than themselves.

As the number 3 is in the heavenly triad of 3,6 and 9 which are all about taking control and showing the way to others, people who are represented by the number 30 also have a dominant behavior. They like to be in control and they like to feel safe. However when the number 30 is unbalanced, they become control freaks and therefore they are conservative and so they stick to the ideals they know because this feels safe. Therefore they are also likely to be nostalgic and so they have a desire to change things back into the way they were in the "good old days". So when the number 30 is unbalanced, the holder may hate change because this forces them out of their comfort zone, and what they want is stability so they can have time and space for their deep thoughts. They'd rather stay at home from a party so they can develop great ideas to change the world rather than to spend time with "stupid people who understand nothing".

When the number 30 is balanced, the holder may be highly intelligent and possess a great sense of humor and so they will have a kick ass power to implement their great ideas. When the number 30 is balaned, one may not be judgemental and therefore there will be free and undistorted spiritual channels to deeply understand their insights correctly and thereby communicate it to mankind. With this power, they can become a great inspirator to many people. With their great intellectual knowledge, they will be highly respected as they have their theory and facts in order so that no one cant take them down and no one will dare to challenge their intellect. 

As the number 30 is a retrospective number, from a balanced perspective, one may take the best from the past and implement it into the future. One may also see the positive aspects of going back to the roots when this is the best thing to do. 

39/3 (agressive corporate business leader)


Like a bull on his or her rivals - Achieves extremely powerful expansion in carreer - Getting things done - Powerful vigor - Turns theory into action - Competent to lead large organisations - Pragmatic behavior - Ambitious


Impatience destroys good opportunities - Only focus on short term business - Many ups and downs - Keeping many irons in the fire, but most fail - Lots of losses and gains - Too much "in your face"-attitude - Low patience with less intelligent people

Due to losses of pieces of the ancient tablets from Persia, the description of the number 39 is lost. 

Still we know the meaning of the number.

From a balanced perspective, the number 39 is an extremely powerful number in the field of corporate business. It has a great deal of warrior attitude and the power to crush one's opponents which may be necessary in the world of coprorate business where only the fittest survive. One knows how to play the game and one is doing it pragmatically so what is necessary for success is being done. Rivals are being crushed mercilessly and they have little chance to stand up to ones extremely high vigor and power to get things done. 

With the number 39, one possesses a high academical knowledge and has his or her theory in order. One demands order and structure. The mindset is rational and logic. Emotions are dealed with from a pragmatic perspective and the smart choice is being done. All decisions are made with a focus on strategic thinking. One always considers the consequences of his or her actions and therefore one always thinks at least 10 steps ahead.

When the number 39 is unbalanced, one worries too much about the consequences of his or her actions. Therefore a lot of worry and overactive mind racing can appear. Just like we know it from the number 12. This can lead to drug abuse, paranoia and great stress. When the number 39 is unbalanced, there are far too many ups and downs in one's carreer. 

If one is represented by the number 39 in an unbalanced way, one may chase quick money and do short term investments. One will lack the patience to build things steadily over time. Therefore it can be very destructive as one is likely to quit just before the success appears. One may have worked hard in the initial phase. The idea may be good, but due to lack of patience, one will lose patience and abandon the project just before profit is made. 

48/3 (karmic penalty - one of the top 5 wors numbers)


Never balanced


Great sufferings of all kinds - Paranoia - Unhappiness - Bad luck - Misfortne - Diseases - Living from fear - Maybe handicap - Financial hardship - 

Due to losses of pieces of the ancient tablets from Persia, the description of the number 39 is lost. 

Still we know the meaning of the number.

The number 48 is built by the two destiny numbers 4 and 8 that both represent Karma and the achievement of result. The number 4 is called the "minor destiny number" which represents changes that happens now and lasts perhaps 4 years into the future and then they are changed again. The number 8 is called the "major destiny number". The number 8 symbolizes the symbol of eternity. The top of the number 8 represents one's dreams, hopes and visions. The bottom of the number 8 represents our reality. And so the symbolism of the number 8 is that our dreams, hopes and visions are materialized into reality. As the number 8 represents eternity, it means that one's achievements will one way or the other last for ever unlike changes made by the number 4 that will last a limited period of time. 

Both the number 4 and 8 are extremely powerful and as they both represent karma - good and bad - one must be extremely careful with these number. 

When the numbers 4 and 8 are put together and they create the number 12 which is the number of being a victim, it means that one becomes a victim to his or her destiny. Thereby one will suffer a very tragic,  and sorrow filled life. It means that one will suffer great losses that is likely to make one break down completely. In this spectrum, we have the latency of many awful diseases, disabilities, depression and anything that will make life hard.

In Greek Mythology, the number 4 is associated with the Titan, Ouranos who is the sky god, the God of innovation, science and new ideas. The number 8 is associated with the Titan, Kronos who is the God of time, harvest and results. These two Gods are deadly enemies. It happened that Kronos who is the son of Ouranos cut off the testicles of his father, Ouranos while he was asleep. This conflict strongly pictures the hostility between these two numbers. Then imagine what happens if these two Titans are put together in one compound number. Another problem is that 4+8=12 and then 1+2=3. The number 3 correspond with the greek God Zeus, who was the son of Kronos. Kronos ate his own children as babies. They were Zeus, Hades (god of the Dead), Demeter (goddess of nature), Poseidon (God of the sea) and Hera (Zeus' wife and sister). Zeus got away and after he grew up, he returned and made his father drink elixir that had him vomitting all Zeus' siblins and so they overthrew Kronos and Zeus became the new king of the world. Therefore Zeus and Kronos are deadly enemies as well. This number represents a lovely family get to gether of an extremely dysfunctional family

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