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And 10, 19, 28, 37, 46 and 55

(born 1, 10, 19, 28 of the month, or born in January or October or born in a year in which the Sum is something with 1 as the final sum - such as 1990 - 1+9+9+0=19 and then 1+9=10 and so 1+0=1)


Number 1 is ruled by the Sun and correspond with the elements of mainly fire and secondly water. The fire represents the fierce power of gaining success and power. The water element represents the creative aspect and the desire of flow and ease for people represented by the Sun.The Sun represents the feminine winner's attitude and it's also called the Empress and it's a pendant to the number 3 which is called the Emperor.

Below appears in ancient symbol of the Sun





Great winner's attitude, big ambitions, perfectionist, creative, optimistic, delegator, boss, desire for freedom and leadership


Bad loser, bad self esteem, lazy, selfish, low energy, contrarian, big ego, fails to lead, hard to satisfy

Life purpose: Being the BEST, dream BIG and have total freedom in life. Also to live a luxurious life with total abuance. Things must be done from the heart (listen to your emotions rather than reason).

Advanced description of the single number 1

People ruled by the Sun are people who want success  no matter what. They want to be the very best in whatever they undertake. Everything they do, they do it because they want to success. People ruled by the Sun are also lazy. They want to be the very best, but they prefer to make other people do their job. Therefore they can in some cases be great leaders because they know how to delegate work. They often appear arrogant because of their strong winner's attitude. They dislike people without ambition. People ruled by the Sun also have the reputation of having a big ego and being selfish because they put themselves first. Their main motivation to strive for success is their major desire for freedom. Freedom is what they really want, and therefore they want success so they should never be submissive to anyone. They want abundance in finances and other ressources so they can do exactly what they want in life. 

In ancient Egypt (2862 BC) the great Pharaoh Khafre who is believed to have built the great Sphinx and the second largest pyramid in Giza said "The number One is the number of GOLD and gold is the sign for being free!". This also means that the number 1 is a number of Alchemy and turning things into gold. Wealth sets you free, as with enough wealth, one won't have to be subordinate to other individuals. 







The Sun is the boss in our Solar System, and therefore it's extremely unnatural for people ruled by the Sun to lease in anything. People ruled by the Sun are extremely bad losers and in any discussion they want to have the last word because they hate losing so much. They are also very bad at dealing with losses because they are very sensitive. They want public recognition and they want people to adore them. Therefore if people don't consider them as the best, it's a hard blow into their face. People ruled by the Sun are extremely perfectionist about themselves, and therefore also very self critic. They put up high demands for themselves, but if they can't live up to them, they are likely to get depression or something in this genre. People ruled by the Sun like great luxury and they prefer to make a lot of money without doing any work. People ruled by the Sun hate working hard because they want to have flow so that the results come easily and so they can just enjoy life. People ruled by the Sun are major hedonists and they are also creative. In the way they are creative, they are very perfectionist in the way they do their creative work. This could be music, poets, writings, paintings and anything you might think of. People ruled by the Sun are likely to correct other people if they say something that is not correct, because they are perfectionist in all aspects of life. They prefer other people to serve them so they can feel like a king or a queen. People ruled by the Sun are big dreamers. They dream big, but they hate walking the path for success. They prefer the goal rather than the journey getting there. For people ruled by the Sun, walking the path for success is just something one must overcome. People ruled by the Sun are very esthethic. They like things which look good and are beautiful. 

Number 1 in Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, the number 1 corresponds with the Sun God Apollon. Every day he drives his charriot on the Sky with the Sun tied on the back. The Sun sees EVERYTHING. No one can hide anything for Apollon. His Sun is the "Eye In The Sky". This represents the aesthethic abilities of people represented by the number 1. They notice everything. They like things that are beautiful and they notice right away if something is slobby. Apollon is a pretty boy, and he's very narcissistic about his appearance. Just like people represented by the number 1. They have strong perfectionistic behavior. Apollon is also a God who always wants to have the last word in any conversation. Just like anyone represented by the number 1 as they hate losing. Even in Monopolly. Apollon loves to play his lyre (ancient music instrument) which shows his creative side. Apollon is similar to the Egyptian Sungod Ra and the Persian Sungod Shamash.



In ancient Egyptian Mythology, the all seeing eye of the Sungod Ra was a symbol of the Sun and the number 1. The sun is the eye in the sky that is always watching you. This is a symbol of the aesthetic behavior of people represented by the number 1. These are the ones that see all your flaws and correcting you for them. Or at least they keep reprimanding your mistakes. They are perfectionist on your behalf. 

Tarot card for the number 1











The Empress

On the tarot card,  we see an Empress seated on her luxurious throne with lots of fine Persian sewed partially in gold. At the left side of her throne, we see a pillow with the feminine symbol, which represents the feminine energy of the number 1. She wears a crown made of a laurel wreath like Gaius Julius Caesar which is a symbol of victory and triumph. These things are the pure essence of the number 1. We see the stars attached to her crown which represents the stars of the nightsky that shows her the way to victory. This means that she follows her intuition and a higher guidance.  She wears a fine dress which symbolizes that she's not a fighter, and that she prefers luxury. She wants to win through right decisions and by being the best, but she only wants to be the best if it's something that has her interest. We see that she's in the forest. This symbolizes her desire of great freedom. In the background the Sun is rising. The Sun shines upon other people's problems. Therefore she makes clarity and she can also be a healer. Simply you can't heal a problem if you can't see the problem. In front of her, we see a grain field, which symbolizes food and thereby resources. This symbolizes the need for enough resource and complete abundance. In the right side we see a river running. This represents the desire of flow so everything comes easiy and without hardship. 


Shadow number

The number 4 is the shadow number of the single number 1. The difference between these two numbers is that the number 4 is strictly focused on innovation and always focusing on being unique by thinking new ways. Another difference is that the number 4 also correspond with health problems such as Autism, Asperger's syndrome. Both number 1 and 4 hate regulations and authorities. People represented by the number 4 are more radical in this manner. They hate everything with a uniform. People represented by the number 1 are generally quite selfy and opportunists, but people represented by the number 4 are likely to betray others because they change their mind like the wind blows. 

Difference between 1, 10, 19 and 28

The number 1 is the pure representation of the Sun. It's all about the aspects that we know from previously description above. It represents a person with a great winner's attitude, and who always wants to be the very best in whatever he/ she undertakes. At the same time, the person is a terrible loser and he/ she is terrible at facing opstacles in life. A person represented by the single number 1 is like above described a person with a huge desire to always win. The motivation to win is the desire of a total personal freedom. A person represented by the single number 1 can have problems with their self esteem because they have too high expectations to themselves and without balanced numbers in their Human Self, it can be a problem to live up to those expectations. 

10/1 (luck)

According to the tablets from ancient Persia, the number 11 was described with these words:

Symbolized as the "Wheel of Fortune". It is a number of honor, of faith and self-confidence, of rise and fall; one's name will be known for good or evil, according to one's desires; it is a fortunate number in the sense that one's plans are likely to be car­ried out.



Lots of luck - Turning  projects into gold - Good at successfully delegating work - great optimism- Hope - Happy person - Strong winner's attitude - Gaining successs easily 


Wreckless behavior - Projects end in failor due to lack of preparation - Too spontainious - Arrogant - Big ego - Touchy - Bad loser - Bad self esteem - Loved and hated - Bad luck - Life out of control 

With other words, the number 10 is similar to the single number 1. The difference here is that it is combined with the number 0, which is a circle and it has no end and no beginning. The number 0 represents the first and the last Eternity. The entire Universe and all there is. The number 0 added to the single number 1, gives a confidence of trusting the Universe. Therefore people represented by the number 10 are likely to take chances and beliving that the Universe will help them to achieve success and be lucky. The number 0 is also a number that amplifies all other numbers around it. This means that if the number 10 is associated with other very unfortunate numbers, the bad aspects of the other numbers are hereby amplified. This is why the Ancients called it the "Wheel of Fortune", simply because it goes both ways. Good and bad. People represented by the number 10 are people who are loved and hated - more than people represented by the single number 1. This reception from people is because the number 1 goes up in all other numbers. Simply it's a part of everyone. As the number 1 corresponds with the Sun it means that the Sun shines its light on other people's problems. Therefore they blame it on the messenger. 

Unlike the number 1, we have the pressence of the  number 0 in the number 10. The number 0 is a holy number for the entire Universe and the whole Cosmic Central Consciousness. The number 0 is a circle which has no beginning and no ending. It represents the first and the last eternity. Everything there is! The number 0 represents nothing, and nothing is EVERYTHING and everything is nothing. Big bang came out of nothing, and from nothing everything is made. This means that the number 0 gives a great deal of trust into the Universe. One is more spantanious with the number 10 than with the single number 1. As the number 0 represents the entire Universe, one will experience syncronicity in life. This is the thing we call "luck". 

With the number 0 in the compound 10, it's a number that sucks up the power of the neighboring numbers in your Numeroscope and amplifies it for good and bad. Therefore if you have extremely bad numbers in your Numeroscope and they are associated with the number 10, the bad things become far worse. 

If the number 10 is associated with favorable and successful numbers in your Numeroscope, the number 10 will amplify the success even further and it will add a great deal of ease and luck to the process of gaining success.

19/1 (happy mind)

According to the tablets from ancient Persia, the number 11 was described with these words:

This number is regarded as fortunate and extremely favorable. It is symbolized as "the Sun" and is called "the Prince of Heaven." It is a number promising happiness, success, esteem and honor and promises success in one's plan for the future.



Lots of luck - Turning  projects into gold easily - Good at successfully delegating work - great optimism- Hope - Happy person - Strong winner's attitude - Gaining success easily - Achieving total victory - Gaining power and leadership - Financial wealth


Flighty minded - Confusion - Wreckless behavior - Projects end in failor due to lack of preparation - Too spontainious - Arrogant - Big ego - Touchy - Bad loser - Bad self esteem - Loved and hated - Keeping up hope in tough situation - False hope - Overestimating one's own abilities - Too much hope and too little action - Temporary depression - Painful lack of success

With other words, the number 19 is like the number 10 on steroids. As the ancient writings dictate, it's a number of great success, but only if it's perfectly balanced. The number 19 has an extremely strong power which can be hard to control. If it's not perfectly balanced it may cause one to be flighty minded so one has too many ideas and not knowing which ones to choose. The number is a symbol of an extremely powerful Sun. If it's not balanced, the sun may turn your life into a desert. The number 19 can hardly work properly without the presence of the number 37 somewhere in the full Numeroscope as the number 37 creates the grounding and the flow which the number 19 needs. The number 19 is a number of great hope, but in an unbalanced way it creates false hope and unrealistic dreams that one is unable to achieve. The failure creates great disappointment and with the number 19, one is terrible at handling failures. 

19/1 in Greek Mythology

In ancient Greek Mythology, the number 19 corresponds with the Pleiadian Nymph, Taygeta who was one of the seven Heavenly Sisters who represented the starsystem of the Pleiades on the nightsky. Taygeta was known to possess great beauty and to always be happy and positive. All men loved the Seven Sisters - even the Gods. Women looked up to them and adored their beauty and wisdom. 


Above is seen a painting of what the Pleiadian Nymph, Taygeta may have looked like.

19/1 on the Tarot Card






On the tarot card for the number 19, we see the Sun that shines down on a wall with sun flowers in the background and in the foreground, we see a happy boy riding a white horse waving a red flag. As we see, the Sun has both straight and curved rays. The curved rays represents the happy and joyous moments of being in the sun. The hope and optimmism. Though the straight rays represent the sun that dries you out and turning your life into a desert. The aspect that makes you sunstroke and flighty minded and so that nothing gets done. Last mentioned is the aspect of the unbalanced version of the number 19 as is likely to occour if one is represented by the number 19 without also being represented by the number 37. The wall that is seen in the background is white which represents purity. It represents that one thinks good thoughts, speak good words and accomplishes good deeds. As the wall is built from bricks it means that things are being done step by step if the number 19 is balanced. The Sunflowers represents that things are being carried out successfully when the number 19 is balanved.  It's done with great hope and ambition and one is in motion as the white horse symbolizes. 


28/1 (great ambition, but ongoing failure in life)

According to the tablets from ancient Persia, the number 28 was described with these words:

This number is full of contradictions. It indicates a person of great promise and possibilities who is likely to see all taken away from him unless he carefully provides for the future. It indicates loss through trust in others, opposition and competition in trade, danger of loss through law, and the likelihood of having to begin life's road over and over again.



The number 28 can never be balanced, but if you're born with it in your birthday and it's supported by favorable numbers in your name, it can give following positive aspects:

Winner's attitude - Hope - Perfectionism - Drive


Promise breaker - Weak - Easily outsmarted by others - Flighty minded - negative interaction with legal authorities- Great losses - Wreckless behavior - Projects end in failor due to lack of preparation - Too spontainious - Arrogant - Big ego - Touchy - Bad loser - Bad self esteem - Often hated - False hope - Overestimating one's own abilities -

With other words, the number 28 is a generally unfortunate number which is about being too flighty minded, so one gives away promises that end up contradicting one another, so one is forced to break one to keep another. This often leads to trials where one is likely to lose a lot of money and property. It's also a number for negative interaction with legal autorities such as police, government etc. Martin Luther King Jr. was represented by this number 28 as his higher Destiny Number and he was arrested more than 20 times by the police. With the number 28, one is generally a promise breaker. It's a number of a person who people believe will achieve great success, but who fails. People represented by this number are easily outsmarted and therefore they are likely to lose trials. They face great hardship and they have a weak core. Therefore it's hard for them to keep on fighting

37/1 (Royal Star of the Bull) 

According to the tablets from ancient Persia, the number 11 was described with these words

This number has a distinct potency of its own. It is a number of good and fortunate friendships in love, and in combinations con­nected with the opposite sex. It is also good for partnerships of all kinds. It is a fortunate indication if it appears in connection with future events.



Great charm - Determained - Rockstar - International business - Great financial wealth - Fantastic love life - Great sexual life - Great attraction on people - Center for attention - Popularity - Humor - Lots of luck - Turning  projects into gold easily - Good at successfully delegating work - great optimism- Hope - Happy person - Strong winner's attitude - Gaining success easily - Achieving total victory - Gaining power and leadership  - Rock solid person - Grounding - Total abuandance


Ups and downs in economy - Spending too much money - Being popular for material things - Good love life only in periods - Arrogant - Stubborn - Blocked and repression emotions

One of the four Royal Stars which dictate an extremely powerful vibration. The number 37 is an extremely fortunate number. You can't be born the 37th of the month, but for example if you're born 9 January 1989 and you then add 9+1+1+9+8+9 = 37. Also if for example your name is Fernando or Jennipher and plenty other names that makes the number 37, you're represented by these aspects. The number 37 was called "The Royal Star of the Bull" in the ancient tablets from Persia. If this number is perfectly balanced, it gives you a great deal of abundance, happiness and major success in all aspects of life. It's a number of great intellectual wisdom combined with intuition and a strong winner's attitude. It gives you the power to dream big, but it also gives you the power to walk the path that is needed. If it's associated with the number 19, it becomes even more powerful. The number 37 can work without the number 19, but the number 19 can hardly work without the number 37. The number 37 is a number of clear talk and great charm and charisma. The charm and charisma helps to avoid problems and one is generally likeable. 

The number 37 corresponds with the Pleiadian star, Alcyone which is the brightest star of the Pleiadian star cluster. Our Sun orbits the star Alcyone as in Greek Mythology, the Sungod Apollon is the grandson of the Pleiadian Nymph, Alcyone.

37/1 in Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, the star Alcyone and the number 37 correspond with the heavenly Pleiadian Nymph, Alcyone who is the most powerful one of all the seven Pleiadian sisters. She was seduced by Poseidon, god of the sea and had children. One of her grand children was the Sungod Apollon who correspond with the single number 1. 


Above appears a painting of what the Pleiadian Nymph, Alcyone may have looked like.

37/1 on the Tarot Card


On the above shown tarot card for the number 37 called "Ace of Cups", we see a trophy held by the hand of Heaven that comes out of a cloud. This symbolizes hope and the power of dreams to create material success. The Trophy is the symbol of wealth, fortune and abundance in all aspects of life. From the trophy, we see five beams of what that flows like a fountain. This represents the five senses and that one can sense and understand his/ her feelings and be in tune with them. It also represents flow and that things run smoothly. The trophy also depicts victory and triumph as which the single number 1 strives for and which is easily achieved if one is represented by the number 37 in a balanced way. On top of the trophy, we see a dove which holds a badge in its beak. The badge holds the symbol of a cross. Though this is not a Christian symbol, but the symbol of unity between man and woman. This symbolizes that sexual attraction on the opposite gender that one possess with the number 37. It also represents the charm to attract people and to be liked. The dove represents peace of mind as does the water lillies as they can only grow in still water. The water symbolizes emotions and since the water is still, it represents happy, pure and stable emotions and thereby true happiness. The sky is blue, nothing to fear. We get the feeling that paradise is near.

46/1 (Political leadership) 

The description of the number 46 has been lost from the ancient Tablets from Persia because the tablets has suffered several cracks. 



Total success - Great power achieved through success stories - Infleunce on a Political scale - Influence on Society - Determained leadership - Outsmarting enemies - Clever mind - Innovative leader - Lots of different talents - Talents grow by age


Financial problems - Problems in carreer - Unrealistic goals - Many losses - Losses in love life 

The number holds the potency to achieve major success that is to be used to change the world in a Political way. As 4+6=10 and the number 10 is all about the strive for total success and the desire to be the leader. The essence of the number is the desire and potential to achieve so great success that one will be strongly influential. If this number is unbalanced it's a very tough number as it gives a great deal of unpleasent life lessons. For a person with the number 46 unbalanced, it gives a lot of hardship in money, carreer and lovelife. The first number 4 is all about changes. This brings negative change and losses into the person's life. It also brings a lot of confusion. Many ideas, but with a flighty mind, one might not know which ideas to proceed with. The best number for balancing the number 46 is the number 37 as it brings structure. 

When the number 46 is balanced, one is clever and innovative and therefore one possesses the abilities to take the enemy with his pants down. It's a number that grows more and more strong and powerful by age and life experience. Gradually one will advance to the very top of business and influence on a Political scale.

Also from a balanced perspective, one is a sly fox and very good at taking important decisions and following them determaintly. Because one act determained, one is strongly grounded and hard for others to confuse.

55/1 (Speedy Business Leader) 

The description of the number 55 has been lost from the ancient Tablets from Persia because the tablets has suffered several cracks. 



Lots of vigor - Bodily strength - Highly intellectual mind - Good speaker - Gets along with most people - Quick thinker - High level of energy - Diplomat - Good at short term investment - Free spirit - Adventurer


Too much energy - Lack of focus - Confusion - Hates fools - Hyper active behavior - Thinks too much

The number 55 which is represented by the double 5 holds a great deal of vigor as the number 5 represents. It means that one is rarely getting tired and can keep going for a really long time in whatever one is doing. From a balanced perspective, this number is extremely powerful in business as one masters the abilities of great eloquence as the number 5 represents. One is able to extremely well expressing him/ herself and thereby selling and presenting their ideas to earn great fortune. Behind all the vigor is a strong winner's mentality as the number 1 dictates. So all together in a balanced way, the number 55 is a number for getting a lot of things done with great vigor and never getting tired, and therefore earning a great deal of money. 

The number 5 is also about getting along with all types of people and therefore one is well liked and good at being social. By being social, one is also good at networking (from a balanced perspective). 

From a balanced perspective, the number 55 is also about being good at being succesful with short term investments. 

From an ubalanced perspective, the number 55 is extremely flighty minded and it has latency of deveoping ADHD and other types of hyper active behavior. Therefore from an ubalanced perspective the number 55 also gains major confusion as one simply has too much energy and not knowing what to do with it. The number 55 also has great problems of focusing because of the double 5 which is high energy and in an unbalanced way, one may be confused and suffer from lack of structure and perspective. 

Like the preceding numbers with the sum of 1 or 10, the best number for balancing it is the number 37 which in the case of this number brings great grounding and focus. 

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